Puppy Blankets with Breeder’s Logo/12 pack..

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Puppy blankets with breeder’s logo. This is a pack of 12 blankets. 

If you are a canine or feline breeder you know the best way to promote your business is by letting people to know of your existence. Your logo is your best friend! Unfortunately business cards are kept hiding in the wallets. By gifting your customer’s the gift of a blanket with your logo you are ensuring they will travel with your info everywhere they take their pet and more people will know about your business. 

Each set comes with 12 blankets. Please allow 6-8 weeks turn around.

To place your order:

1: Scroll down, click buy it now, enter your info and summit payment.

2: Email your logo and add information about what color do you want on the background to: klu4pet@gmail.com.

Please make sure your logo has a transparent background before emailing it. 

3: I will create samples for your blanket’s design and will email or send to you on messenger for approval. 

The pictures on this link are a few samples of blankets I have created for manyI breeders. 

Turn around 6-8 weeks