Custom order for Kristen G. Brown LV XLarge carrier/ R shoulder/ 3 harneses

  • $595.00
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*XL LV brown carrier. R shoulder.                                                 $400.00

Note: add a gold bow to carrier.    ( see customer conversation) 

*Girl Harness LV brown/ beige trim    N-9/ G-14/L-11.                          $65.00

*Girl Harness LV Brown with red flowers & red lace. N9/G14/L11         $65.00

*Male harness LV brown.

(Pics for reference, but all LV and trim)   N-8/G-12/L-6.5                       $65.00


                                                                                                                     Total $ 595.00

Turn around 6-8 weeks from payment day.